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US – Ocala Star-Banner – Mafia nephew divulges mob’s secrets

Title:                   Mafia nephew divulges mob’s secrets

Newspaper:      Ocala Star-Banner

Date:                  Sunday, August 2, 1992

Anyone who hasn’t already read this finger-pointing story about the Mafia should – it is a highly recommended read.

Written by the brother and nephew of Sam “Momo” “Mooney” Giancana, the tale is their perception of organized crime’s influence in the 20th century.

To read the accusations is a walk through history. They claim the mob killed John and Robert Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Jimmy Hoffa. This book is the source of the details surrounding Monroe’s alleged murder.

The men also claim that every president, up to and including Bush, has been controlled by organized crime.

This is a very readable story that will suck readers through the tales of bloody deaths and insidious torture handed to those who dare to cross the mobsters.

The Giancanas lay all the problems at the feet of the brother and uncle but take care to absolve brother Chuck, a minor crook who performed non-violent chores for his brother.

It’s a heavy-duty story that will provide more fun than watching all the “Godfather” movies in one sitting.