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U.S.-Star – Marilyn Monroe Was Killed on Orders of Mafia Godfather in ‘perfect’ hit

Title:                U.S.- Star – Marilyn Monroe Was Killed on Orders of Mafia Godfather in ‘perfect’ hit

Newspaper     U.S. Star Newspaper

Date:                March 3, 1992



A new book claims Marilyn Monroe was killed by Mafia hitmen, who inserted a barbiturate suppository into the movie goddess. Their motive? To induce her lover, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, to stop harassing organized crime families.

A top mobster’s relatives have revealed shocking new details of Marilyn Monroe’s death – they say Mafia hit men killed the movie goddess with a lethal suppository.

On the 30th anniversary of her death, a new book, Double Cross, written by the brother and godson of late underworld boss Sam Giancana, recreates a terrifying murder scene and bizarre CIA-Mafia plot to silence the love-scorned starlet who new too much.

Marilyn, distraught over a fizzling romance with then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy, was threatening to expose the secret affair as well as the intimate liaison between the White House and the Underworld.

“She was, perhaps, a loaded gun waiting to go off,” co-author Sam Giancana, the mobster’s godson, told Entertainment Tonight. “Once she decided that she was going to go public… the CIA requested that Marilyn Monroe be eliminated. And Sam Giancana accepted the contract.”

But the Chicago crime boss had his own agenda – to expose the love affair between Marilyn and Bobby, rendering the attorney general impotent in his legal war against Chicago’s ruling organized crime family.

Bobby spent the evening with Marilyn at her Hollywood apartment on August 4, 1992. A few days later, Giancana had had sex with her there and bugged the apartment, hoping to catch Bobby in a compromising position.

Just before midnight, after the attorney general had left, four Mafia thugs allegedly broke into Marilyn’s bedroom, held her down and planted the lethal suppository. They then left her for dead – with evidence of Bobby’s presence there only hours old.

“She struggled at first,” writes Sam Giancana and his father, Chuck Giancana, the mobster’s brother. But the thugs’ “rubber-gloved hands easily forced her nude body to the bed.

“Calmly and with all of the efficiency of a team of surgeons, they inserted a rectal suppository filled with Nembutal, a sleeping inducing barbiturate powerful enough to induce death.”

Marilyn’s nude body was found in her bed the next morning and L.A. authorities said her death was “probably suicide.” The found a high level of barbiturates in her bloodstream and an empty vial of Nembutal on the bedstand.

“It was the perfect weapon with which to kill Marilyn Monroe,” the Giancanas wrote. “A suppository was as fast-acting as an injection but left no needle marks.”

Former Los Angeles prosecutor John Minor told the TV show Hard Copy that medical examiners found a purple discoloration on the lower part of the star’s colon, where the suppository would have been placed.

Much of the Chicago Godfather’s disappointment, FBI agents quickly removed all traces of Bobby’s presence at the apartment, the book says.

The secret might have otherwise died with the mob boss in 1975, when Giancana was gunned down outside his Chicago home. But the mobster had confided in one man, his brother Chuck. “I wanted the truth to come out about my brother,” Chuck told his son, Sam. “It’s part of American history and a part which the government seems determined to hush up.”