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UK – Lancashire Evening Post – Double Cross


Title:               UK- Double Cross

Newspaper:   Lancashire_Evening_Post

Date:               March 28, 1992

Double Cross by Sam Chuck Giancana (Macdonald)

Already infamous for its claim that the Mob killed Marilyn Monroe and helped the CIA assassinate President Kennedy, this is a chilling matter-of-fact story of real-life Mafia.

Opening in 1975with the brutal murder of Mafia don Sam “Mooney” Giancana, it goes on to tell his incredible story, from hitman for Al Capone to one of the most powerful crime figures in the US.

According to members of his own family, who wrote this, Giancana controlled America, forging links with the CIA, international world leaders and a fateful liaison with the Kennedys who, he claims, double-crossed him and paid the ultimate price.

As a work of non-fiction it has an audacious but not altogether unlikely air of authority. As a gripping story of the life lived by the brutal man behind organize crime, it’s a first rate thriller.