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UK – London Evening Herald – Spilling the beans

Title:               UK – London Evening Herald – Spilling the beans

Newspaper:   UK – London Evening Herald

Date:               Friday, March 20, 1992

When Sam Giancana was a child he used to sit on the knee of one of the most infamous gangsters in the history of the United States.

The man in question was his godfather and uncle, Sam “Mooney” Giancana, who it is now accused, by none other then his own brother, of being the man who directly commissioned the deaths of both John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

“I was always terrified of him,” says the gangster’s godson. “He didn’t have a happy smiling face that children could warm up to. He always looked unhappy. He would say to me ‘never get in trouble because if you get in trouble, they’ll come looking for me.’

“His idea of being nice was grabbing you around the wrist and asking you had you been a bad boy? He kept asking you and asking you until you cried. The he gave you 10 dollars.”

If Giancana were alive today, no doubt he would be thinking that his godson had been a very bad boy indeed. Today, Sam and his father Chuck, the mobster’s brother, have written a startling expose on the Mafia man in the family. Double Cross: The Mobster Who Controlled America is now number two on the New York Times bestseller list and lifts the lid on a totally corrupt American social and political system.


This weekend Giancana is in town to promote the book that has rocked America.

The allegations about the Kennedys are particularly mindboggling. It has always been know that John F. Kennedy’s father, Joe made his family fortune from bootlegging whiskey in Prohibition America, but here we have Joe begging Sam Giancana to save his life after another mobster put a hit on the Irishman.

In a meeting in Chicago, Joe promised that one his son was in the White House he would never forget the man who saved his father’s life.

The mobster told his brother Chuck about the Kennedys: “Never be mislead by appearances, Chuck. Once a crook – always a crook. The Kennedys may put on airs and pretend to be blue bloods but they know and I know the real truth – we’re cut from the same cloth.”

The book also records how amazed the mob were when Bobby Kennedy, as Attorney General, began to crack down on their operations. They assumed that it was Joe Kennedy’s way of being about to deny he was pro-Mafia.

And it claims that to ruin Bobby Kennedy’s career, Sam Giancana had Marilyn Monroe, whom Bobby was sleeping with, murdered by inserting a deadly and untraceable suppository into her anus. But FBI agents and actor Peter Lawford removed incriminating documents, Monroe’s death was deemed a suicide and Bobby was in the clear.

Needless to say, Sam and Chuck, says Giancana was heavily involved in John F. Kennedy’s assassination as we, the book alleges, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon also had meetings with mob figures, according to the book.

Giancana was eventually murdered before he went before the Senate Select Committee on Assassination, which was investigating the joint Mafia-CIA effort to kill Fidel Castro.

So why has Sam, who today runs a marketing company and lives under another name, decided to write this book with his father?

“I was pushing my father over the years to tell me what he know about his brother and the Mafia but he kept putting me off. Then in 1983 he had bypass surgery. Contemplating mortality, he said to me that I needed to know a few things. I asked him ore and more and he told me everything his brother had said to him over the years. I said we have to write a book, to get it all out. We owe it to people to say what we know.”

Actually Chuck Giancana had tried to get out from under the deadly shadow of his brother for years. Sam recalls how hard it was to live with the infamous Giancana name.

“Kids would not make friends with me. Their parents would not have me in their homes. It was all because of the name, not my character. It showed me how important a name can be.”

What was the most single shocking thing that his father told him about Giancana?

“The Kennedy assassination. I don’t actually think that Joe Kennedy as that bad a man, he just thought he was doing everything in his power to make his son President, just using all his contacts to give his son a hand, contacts which in this case, included the Mob.

When the Kennedys turned on the Mafia, however, they thought they were untouchable, that they now had all the power of the state behind them to crush these now embarrassing connections. The people they were dealing with didn’t play by the rules, however…”

The book also hints that Giancana had a hand in Bobby Kennedy’s death. “Your brother was at it again,” a Mafia associate told Chuck soon after the murder.

But while the new book ties up a lot of loose ends about the evils in American life, Sam doubts that the full story, in particular the CIA connection, will ever come out with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.

“The guilty men in the CIA are very well insulated. I would urge that the CIA files be opened, but the mob didn’t leave purchasing documents for rifles around! You won’t find a memo saying ‘go and shoot the President’!”