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UK – The Times – B-movie guys and dollars

Title: UK – The Times – B-movie guys and dollars

Media: UK – The Times

Date: March 1992


Double Cross has a good index and plenty of photographs, mostly of people who were up to no good. Its authors are Chuck, the brother of Chicago mob boss Sam “Mooney” Giancana, Chuck’s son, Sam, the nephew and godson of the former mob boss. The book lacks the pretensions of the Runyon biography and is all the better for it. Mooney is presented as a greedy psychopath who not only killed people when he felt like it but made normal life impossible for his own family. This is a camera angle never used in the b-movies.

The authors rely on Chuck’s recollections of conversations with his brother. Mooney claimed to have been involved in many major events over the years and the word of a Mob chief is perhaps not the most reliable; but anyone who still believes that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of Jack Kennedy should read this book.

Mooney himself came to the mobster’s traditional end in 1975.