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UK – Times – Did JFK Really Commit Suicide?

Title: UK – Times  – Did JFK Really Commit Suicide?

Media: UK – Times Newspaper

Date: April 13, 1992

By David Ellis


Of course not, but it’s about the only theory that doesn’t turn up in a fusillade of best-selling books on the assassination.

… The author (Zirbel) dismisses opposing speculations of why Kennedy was killed, saying the Mafia did not participate in the assassination because “for a hit to have been made against the President, (Chicago Mob boss) Sam Giancana would have had to consent.”

Surprise. Double Cross (Warner Books), written by Giancana’s brother Chuck and his godson Sam, says that is exactly what happened. Chuck Giancana played the role of underworld Confide, charting his brother’s rise as the most powerful Mob boss west of the Mississippi and taking note of his snuff work for the CIA. “It’s beautiful,” says Sam. “The Outfit even has the same enemies as the government.”

But the government soon became the enemy. Although Giancana boasted that he fixed votes funneled thousand to the 1960 Democratic campaign and picked up girlfriend Judith Campbell from JFK, the Kennedys forgot their debt to the Mob. In 1961 New Orleans crime boss Carlos Marcello was deported in U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s crackdown on organized crime. An outraged Giancana began monitoring the private lives of both brothers. Along the way, the book says, Marilyn Monroe was murdered in a Mafia attempt to blow the lid off her affair with RFK. When that didn’t play out, Giancana spent a year planning the assassination which was carried out by a loose association of professional killers. According to the book, Oswald was a former spy sacrificed by anti-Kennedy elements in the CIA to take the fall. The Ruby, Giancana’s “Dallas representative,” dispatched Oswald….