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UK – Western Morning News – Did the Mafia murder ‘pawn’ Monroe and the Kennedys?

Title:               UK – Western Morning News – Did the Mafia murder ‘pawn’ Monroe and the Kennedys?

Newspaper:   UK – Western Morning News

Date:               March 1992

By Angela Singer

Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide in August 1962. She was killed by the Mafia. That is the latest theory, according to a new book called Double Cross.

It says her stage-managed death was an attempt to embarrass, and possibly frame Bobby Kennedy, America’s attorney-general who was having an affair with her. The actress had previously had an affair with President John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy.

The same Mafia “Outfit” had arranged John F. Kennedy’s assassination and later that of Bobby Kennedy. The killings were revenge for the Kennedy’s failure to “deliver”, according to the book.

In the assassination of JFK, the Mafia worked together with the CIA whose activities Kennedy wanted to curtail. The “outfit” and the CIA are described as two sides of the same coin.

Double Cross has been written by Chuck Giancana, the younger brother of one of America’s beigest Mafia boss, Chicago’s Sam “Mooney” Giancana.

Giancana was the Mr. Big, who claimed to have masterminded the three murders. The co-author is Chuck’s son, also called Sam, named after his Mafioso uncle.Sam is coming to Britain to talk about the book next month (Maarch 16-19 in Britain and March 20 in Dublin).


Mafia boss Mooney Giancana had donated millions to John Kennedy’s election fund, confident that the president would be in his pocket once in office. Mooney Giancana also believed John Kennedy would be grateful because Giancana had saved the life of John’s father, bootlegger, Joe Kennedy.

Joe Kennedy, who founded his dynasty during prohibition, had a contract put on him by another Mafia overlord and Giancana use his influence to have it removed.

However, one installed, it was clear that John Kennedy wanted no connection with the Mafia and had no intention of paying favors to his father. Giancana had been made a fool of.

Moreover, Bobby Kennedy, now attorney general, was set to clean up America, getting rid of the mob.


The hapless Marilyn was a pawn. According to the book, Sam “Mooney” Giancana had the sex lives of the Kennedy’s taped, literally. Indeed the women the Kennedys slept with, including Marilyn, were provided as go-betweens by the Outfit.

Marilyn, the orphan child of a dozen foster homes, was passed from one Kennedy to the other, and she told friends over her tapped telephones she was falling in love with the attorney general.”

But the relationship with Bobby was floundering and Marilyn caused a fury when she tried to contact Bobby at his home. An embarrassment for the man just voted family man of the year.

However, the Mafia attempt to implicate Bobby in the film star’s death failed.  Told of her death, Bobby had all connections with him removed from her house. Her diary was never found.

She died, we are told, not by an overdose of pills she took deliberately, but with a lethal suppository of the barbiturate Nembutal.

This undignified death was an ingenious as it was macabre. Because the drug was absorbed rapidly and directly into the blood stream, should she have been discovered, there was noting in her stomach to pump out and, since no needle was used, there was no suspicious mark.

The Dallas assassination of President John F. Kennedy, apparently took months for the Mafia “Outfit” to mastermind.

“The politicians and the CIA made it real simple. “Each provided men for the hit. Jack Ruby (a long established Mafioso) was provided by the outfit. The CIA made the security so loose “a four-year-old could have nailed Jack Kennedy.”


Kennedy’s death was just another coup, say the Giancanas.

“It was little different from the plot to kill Castro and the murders of Vietnam leaders, that of Panama’s president or any of the other dozens of military/CIA sponsored coups propagated throughout the world. We had overthrown other governments in other countries plenty of times before. This time, we just did it in our own backyard.”

According to the book, several leading politicians, including Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy as president, knew about the assassination.

The point the book makes is that decency aside (in the unlikely event that these politicians had any) nobody dared defy the Mafia.

The Outfit ruled with a reign of terror. People who opposed it, policemen who refused bribes, men who “talked” and even Mafia members who failed in their assignments, were not just killed, they took days in the dying with horrifying mutilations perpetrated on them, their wives and children were not spared either.

Mob leaders like Mooney Giancana were so pathological in their need to dominate that their subordinates had to ask permission before buying a new home or car, or even a piece of jewelry for their wives in case they outshone the boss. The “don” had droit de seigneur over their very thoughts

If you were born into a Mafia family, you worked in the Outfit, anything else was regarded as a lack of “respect”, the ultimate crime.

As for the women, don’t ask. They certainly didn’t. Caught between the greed and the glitter, they were just dolls to be decorated. Luckier possibly than Monroe, but toys just the same and expected to be grateful. Their husbands’ fidelity was not part of the deal.

Said ‘Mooney’ Giancana: “Women were just like shoes: wear them out, throw them away, its nice if they’re the best-looking shoes you can buy, but they’re still shoes.”

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