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US-Fort Wayne News-Sentinel – Nephew writes of mobster uncle

Title:               US-Fort Wayne News-Sentinel – Nephew writes of mobster uncle

Media:            US-Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

Date:               1992

A former Fort Wayne man offers a new look at mob boss Sam Giancana

By Kevin Kilbane - Of The News-Sentinel

Who shot President John F. Kennedy and why did he have to be silenced?

How did Marilyn Monroe really die, and who was involved?

And did the CIA and mob work together in an attempt to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro?

A book by a former Fort Wayne man and his father purports to reveal new facts in those cases and a sordid chain of other events orchestrated by one of the most powerful mob bosses of our time, the late Sam Giancana

“We felt we needed to set the record straight,” said author Sam Giancana, who lived here in the early 1980s. “WE have information that nobody knows.”

“Double Cross: The Explosive, Inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America,” compiles the memories of Sam’s father, Chuck, who dropped the Giancana Name in 1969 to escape connection to his notorious half brother.

During the next five weeks, a promotional tour will have Giancana and the book in the national media spotlight. The Warner Books’ release should land in local stores this week.

The story that unfolds inside its cover is one Giancana kept hidden during his stay in Fort Wayne.

“It was something that was behind me,” he said yesterday in a telephone interview from his business in Florida.