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US – National Enquirer #2 – The mob murdered Marilyn Monroe on orders from the CIA

Title:               US – National Enquirer #2 – The mob murdered Marilyn Monroe on orders from the CIA

Media:            US – National Enquirer

Date:               1992

Exclusive: The blockbuster book that shocked the nation

The mob murdered Marilyn Monroe on orders from the CIA

Newspapers across America recently reported charges that Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the mob. Now for the first time in an exclusive ENQUIRER book excerpt, here are the shocking untold details of that murder. This is the second of three fascinating installments from the blockbuster new book everyone wants to read: “Double Cross” – by “Godfather” Sam Giancana’s brother Chuck and nephew Sam.

By Chuck and Sam Giancana with Bettina Giancana

The mob killed Marilyn Monroe… on orders from the CIA!

America’s best known sex symbol was secretly connected to both organizations while having affairs with President Kennedy, his brother Bobby – and top mobster Sam Giancana!

Even more shocking, Marilyn’s lovemaking sills were used by the CIA to set up sex-hungry world leaders for blackmail.

But when Marilyn was dumped by the Kennedys, her threats of revenge terrified the CIA, which was worried she’d blow the lid off its dirty deals.

So the CIA contracted Giancana to have her killed.

Marilyn had long been connected to the mob. Her first real break had come from Joe Schenck, a Hollywood producer convicted in the 1940s for extorting money from the studios.

From behind the scenes, the Chicago mob quietly use Schenck to promote her career and Schenck introduced the buxom beauty to another man Sam often conducted business with, producer Harry Cohn. According to Sam, both Schenck and Cohn enjoyed Marilyn’s sexual favors in exchange for two-bit parts in films.

During the 50s Marilyn’s sexual charms were employed by the CIA to set up world leaders so they could be controlled.

A part-time mob-CIA operative’s wiretaps also recorded the lovemaking of Jack Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn and the president had been connected romantically since the Democratic National Convention in 1960.

In March of 1962, Bobby Kennedy had become involved with her, as well. And Marilyn told friends she was falling in love with the attorney general.

The timing was perfect for Sam. Bobby and Jack were severing their family’s ties to the mob. But with Marilyn, Sam would show them just how vulnerable they were.

By June of 1962, Sam told his brother Chuck that Marilyn’s use to the mob and the CIA was dwindling.

Her knowledge of CIA-mob efforts and her emotional instability had become a dangerous combination. By July, thanks to a failing relationship with Bobby, she had threatened to “blow the lid off this whole damn thing.”

According to guys in the mob it was at this time that the CIA, fearful of exposure by the drug-addicted Monroe, requested that Sam have her eliminated. Sam took the CIA contract.

One week before her death, a distraught Marilyn flew to Lake Tahoe’s Cal-Neva Lodge.

After dinner one evening, Sam, Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford watched as Marilyn drank herself into oblivion. She sobbed to Sam that Bobby Kennedy had refused her phone calls. She was, as she put it, “nothing more than a piece of meat” to the two brothers.

One week later, Marilyn lay died. The news reports said she’d committed suicide by taking an overdose of barbiturates. But Chuck heard another, more sinister story.

The week following Sam’s dinner with Marilyn he had received word from the

CIA that Bobby Kennedy would be in California on the weekend of August 4.

He scheduled the hit on Marilyn for that weekend.

To do the job, Sam chose a trusted assassin, Needles Gianola, his sidekick Mugsy Tortorella and two other killers.

Eavesdropping with surveillance equipment, the killers waiting for the attorney general.

Bobby appears at Marilyn’s home late on Saturday, accompanied by another man. Listening in on the conversation, Sam’s men determined that Marilyn was (hysterical and the man gave) her a shot to “calm her down.” Shortly after that, Bobby and the doctor left.

The killers waiting for darkness and, sometime before midnight, entered Marilyn’s home.

They taped her mouth shut and inserted a specially “doctored” suppository containing the barbiturate Nembutal into her anus. Then they waited.

The suppository had been prepared by the same Chicago chemist who concocted chemical potions for the CIA.

The lethal dose of sedatives administered orally by for would have caused suspicious bruising during a likely struggle, as well as vomiting.

Using a suppository would eliminate any hope of reviving Marilyn, should she be found, since the medication was quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. There’d be nothing in the stomach to pump out. In addition, a suppository was as fast-acting as an injection but left no needle marks.

When she was unconscious, the men removed the tape, wipe her mouth clean, and placed her across the bed. They left as quickly as they had come.

Sam had hoped Bobby’s affair with the star would be exposed after she was found. He wanted to get even with the attorney general for trying to jail mobsters.

He expected police to come and discover that Bobby had been there hours earlier.

Instead, the killers listened over their wiretaps as a series of phone calls alerted Bobby to Marilyn’s death and ultimately mobilized a team of FBI agents to clean up the crime scene.

Kennedy and Lawford, unaware there were other intruders in Marilyn’s home that evening, seemed to believe Bobby and his doctor friend were to blame for her overdose. From the wiretaps, Needles and Mugsy learned Kennedy had panicked at the prospect of being charge with the murder. He directed Lawford and Detective Fred Otash – on of the men involved in setting up surveillance of Monroe – to sweep the house before the authorities arrived.

Thus, there were to be no discoveries of Bobby’s visit to Marilyn’s home, no love notes and not phone numbers connecting Bobby or Jack to the dead sex symbol.

Ultimately, Marilyn’s death was termed a suicide – and only the mob knew the truth!