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US – National Enquirer #3 – Mob boss claims Nixon linked to JFK’s murder

Title:               US – National Enquirer #3 – Mob boss claims Nixon linked to JFK’s murder

Media:           US – National Enquirer

Date:               March 1992


Mob boss claims Nixon linked to JFK’s murder

By Chuck and Sam Giancana with Bettina Giancana


And America’s top mob boss Sam Giancana claimed that before the hit he held secret meetings in Dallas with Richard Nixon. What’s more one of the mobs’ key men in organizing the assassination was Jack Ruby, who Giancana said had links to Nixon 16 years earlier.

“On Nov. 22, 1963, the United States had a coup,” Sam told his brother Chuck. “The government was overthrown by guys who did their job so well, not one American even knew it happened.”

The gangsters decided to kill Kennedy because his attorney general brother was on a crime-busting spree. And the spy organization wanted to get rid of the president because he had threatened to dismantle the CIA.

Kennedy’s mob problems began weeks after Sam helped give him a victory in the election – by rigging the Illinois vote in exchange for a promise of special favors.

Sam had gone out on a limb by backing Kennedy over Nixon – who had ben the mobs “boy.”

“Nixon has been good to us,” Sam told his brother Chuck before the election.” We like each other and we understand each other. Nixon’s done me favors. And we’ve helped him and his CIA buddies, too.

“He even helped my guy in Texas, Jack Ruby, get out of testifying in front of Congress back in 1947 by saying Ruby worked for him!”


The why did Giancana back Kennedy?

“A lot of bosses own a piece of Nixon,” he said. “Jack will be all mine – and he’s made big promises.”

But the Kennedys began double-crossing the mob when Bobby – who’d already built a reputation as a mob-buster – was named attorney general.

Sam concluded that Bobby had been put in the job to get rid of mobsters to whom the Kennedys owed favors – and Sam knew he’d be on top of the list.

Sam might have brought Kennedy into line by using sex audiotapes he had of the president – thanks to bugs CIA friends had set up. But the mob and CIA were trying to overthrow Castro and Sam believed those tapes might expose the secret partnership between the mob and the spies.

But after Kennedy failed to provide the CIA support for the Bay of Pigs invasion – leaving the Cuban exile army to be captured – the CIA wanted revenge, too.

Kennedy took responsibility. But behind the scenes, he blamed the spy agency and vowed to tear it apart.

So the mob and the CIA united to kill him. After the assassination Sam confided the details:

Sam said he conspiracy went “to the top of the CIA.” He claimed that some of its former and present leaders were involved as well as Richard Nixon.

Sam said both “Nixon and Lyndon Johnson knew about the whole damned thing,” having met with him in Dallas prior to the assassination. What exactly was discussed, Sam didn’t say.

“The politicians and the CIA made it simple,” Sam explained. “I’d oversee the mob side of things and throw in Jack Ruby and some extra backup – and the CIA would take care of the rest.”

Sam also alleged that the CIA had intended to frame Lee Harvey Oswald as the loan assassin.

To eliminate Oswald, Sam said the CIA had selected Roscoe White and J.D. Tippit, who both held positions on the Dallas police force. But Oswald got away and was soon captured.

Roby’s murder of Oswald two days later was not out of patriotism. Ruby had been overseeing the mob’s role in the assassination.

Chuck knew that a guy in Ruby’s position would have to go to any lengths to kill Oswald, who had the knowledge to blow the lid off the entire operation.

There wasn’t a mob guy alive who didn’t think it was better to die in prison as a murderer than to die at the hand of one of Sam’s vengeful enforcers for a screwed up job.

As a result, the course of history was changed.