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US – National Enquirer #1 – The mob had sex tapes to blackmail JFK- & used Sinatra to set him up

Title:               US – National Enquirer – The mob had sex tapes to blackmail JFK- & used Sinatra to set him up

Media:            US – National Enquirer

Date:               March 1992

Exclusive: Only in The Enquirer: The explosive new book all of America is talking about

John F. Kennedy became because of a shocking dirty deal he and his father made with America’s top gangster. But JFK double-crossed the mob – and it cost him his life. These explosive charges are from the sensational new book, “Double Cross,” written by mob boss Sam Giancana’s brother Chuck and nephew Sam (with Bettina Giancana). Buck spent many years learning the mob secrets directly from his brother. And what he reveals about the mob’s iron grip on the government and Hollywood will send shudders through all decent Americans. This week, exclusively for ENQUIRER readers, the Giancanas tell how an unwitting Frank Sinatra helped the mob get their sleazy claws into JFK. Future installments from the book reveal:

  • The sizzling details behind the story everyone’s been talking about: how – and why – the mob killed Marilyn Monroe.
  • How organized crime joined forces with the CIA to kill President Kennedy. And how Richard Nixon knew all about the whole thing.

By Chuck and Sam Giancana with Bettina Giancana

The mob used Frank Sinatra to set up John F. Kennedy for blackmail!


The singer was enlisted in 1959 by Sam Giancana – one of America’s most powerful mob bosses – to find women for JFK, along with a place where the future president could secretly have sex with them.

At Frank’s parties, Kennedy met women who included Angie Dickinson, Judith Campbell and Marilyn Monroe.

But what neither Sinatra nor Kennedy knew was that the politician’s “private” sex romps in the bedroom were being secretly taped by the mob. And Sam Giancana planned to use those tapes to control the man who was on his way to becoming president.

Giancana’s relationship with Sinatra spanned close to 30 years and he partied with Frank’s fast-living celebrity friends: Joey Bishop, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis, Jr., Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Lawford, Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Shirley McLaine, Warren Beatty, Angie Dickinson, and the Kennedy brothers, Jack and Bobby.

Sam knew that the Kennedy’s had a knack for getting too involved with women, from his days and nights of revelry with the brothers. They were not only adulterous but emotional and jealous, as well.

According to Sam, Jack frequented the Cal-Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe, placing bes and having sex every chance he got.

At the Kennedy Cal-Neva “parties” the men had sex with prostitutes – sometimes two or more at a time – in bathtubs, hallways, closets, on floors, almost everywhere but in a bed.

The Kennedys, Sam gleefully reported, like the thrill that came with the kinky and clandestine, “and the kinkier, the better.”

As a result, he was convinced that if he could find the right woman, he might be able to blackmail Jack to do what the mob wanted.

Sam told his brother Chuck he would get Frank Sinatra, already a fellow Kennedy carouser, to find just the right girl to entice Jack.

“I’m gonna buy the Kennedy’s favorite hangout, the Cal-Neva,” Sam revealed. “I’ll have it wired from top to bottom. I’ve hot it lined up with Jimmy Hoffa to get it all up with the CIA. Hoffa’s had the guys wire joints for me before. They’ll help me out this time. They owe me a few favors.

Sam went ahead with his plans and had others film and tape Jack’s secret escapades.

Shortly before Christmas of 1959, Sam told Chuck “I’ve already got enough dirt on Jack Kennedy to ruin ten politician’s careers. I’ve go pictures, tape recordings, film, you name it, all in a safe-deposit box. The American public would be real happy to see their future president being “serviced by three women.”

Not content with the coverage he already had, Sam was planning to arm himself with even more compromising information.

“Frank’s got it all handled with the broads for Kennedy,” he said. And there’s more, all lined up, ready to go. Angie Dickinson’s got a thing goin’ with Jack. She’s gonna go back and forth to Washington. We got some other girls, one Frank says is a dead ringer for Jack’s wife. Frank’s gonna introduced them. We’re gonna get Jack in real deep with Marilyn Monroe, too. I hear he’s being having sex with her. Hell, Frank tells me Bobby’s even made a few remarks about wantin’ her himself. Those Kennedy brothers are animals.

“The woman just thing Frank’s doin’ them a favor introducin’ them to the next president of the United States. To tell the truth, Frank doesn’t know what I’m up to. He thinks I just want to make the Kennedys happy.”

Joe Kennedy had promised the mob that his son would be very friendly. But the mob wasn’t willing to take any chances. That’s why Sam was setting Jack up.

In January 1960, secure in the knowledge that the dirt he was collecting would keep the Kennedys in line, Sam instructed Sinatra to start working to get Jack elected. He wanted Frank to “pull out all the stops,” and that included getting all his Hollywood friends on board, as well.

On Feb. 7,1960, at the Las Vegas Sands, Frank Sinatra introduced his ex-girlfriend, Judy Campbell Exner – to Jack Kennedy. According to Sam, Frank reported that Jack was immediately taken with this woman who reminded people of his wife, Jackie.

In March, when Sam learned that Kennedy was bedding Judy Campbell on a regular basis, snatching time away form his political vote thumping every chance he go, he was close to ecstatic.

Giancana wanted Kennedy to have a “regular” someone he could eventually manipulate and use to his own advantage. With Judy Campbell, it appeared he’d struck gold.

Later that year, when it looked as though Jack was about to be nominated by the Democrats to run for the presidency, the press hailed him as a new breed – a young, charismatic idealist who offered America a breath of fresh air. Sam found this portrayal especially humorous; like everyone else, Jack Kennedy could be bought.

The mob had just done it with sex instead of money. And Sam knew if he ever needed a favor from Jack, all he’d have to do would be to pull out his secret films and tapes.


By Chuck and Sam Giancana with Bettina Giancana

Joe Kennedy sold out his son to Sam Giancana to save his own life!

When Joe learned that New York “Godfather” Frank Costello had put out a “hit” order on him, he begged Giancana to have it lifted – and promised in return to make John F. Kennedy into a mob puppet

The mob took the deal – rigged the 1960 election that put JFK in the White House.

The elder Kennedy – who had made a fortune as a mob bootlegger – ran to Giancana in 1956 when he learned that Costello had ordered him killed because Joe refused to pay off some favors.

“If I live, I can help my son get to the White House,” Joe told Sam. “You help me now and I’ll see to it that you can sit in the Oval Office if you want. You’ll have the president’s ear. I swear to that. My son, the president of the United States will owe you his father’s life. He won’t refuse you, ever.”


That night, Sam put in a call to New York. The contract was off.

Three years later, in autumn of 1959, Sam met with Joe Kennedy in Chicago on three separate occasions to finalize their agreement. Sam said the city’s Mayor Daley and Jack Kennedy were there, as well.”

“Jack knows the score,” Sam later told his brother Chuck. “He knows how to play ball.”

After that, Sam and his mobster pals began pouring money – and muscle – into Kennedy’s campaign. And when Kennedy beat Nixon in the closest election in history, it was because Sam’s people gave him the vote in Chicago.

To assure the election outcome, mob guys either trucked people from precinct to precinct so they could vote numerous times or stood menacingly alongside voting booths, where they made it clear that all ballots were to be cast for Kennedy.

More than a few arms and legs were broken before the polls were closed. Thanks to Chicago, Kennedy carried Illinois by a mere 9,000 votes.

Outraged, the Republican Party counted the Illinois vote and came up with a Nixon win of 4,500. But when they called for an official recount, Nixon conceded defeat. Sam later said Nixon was pressured by his underworld acquaintances and given a promise of help in the future.

Overnight, Sam’s dream of having a president he could control had become a reality. America’s top mob boss had never been so happy.