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US – National Examiner – Murdered… for knowing too much

Title:               US – National Examiner – Murdered… for knowing too much

Media:            US- National Examiner

Date:               March 17, 1992


By Frank Forester, John Liebowitz & Hbery Lubbock

Golden glamour goddess Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the mob… because she knew of the CIA-Mafia plot and threatened to tell all.

That’s the shocking revelation uncovered by the EXAMINER team of reporters during a seven-month investigation

Behind the demise of the blond beauty at age 36 lies an intricate web of sinister intrigue that wove its serpentine way into the world’s highest positions of power, we have learned.

Among our findings are stunning disclosures that Marilyn:

  • USED her shapely body to win the affection of some of the world’s most powerful leaders, including Indonesia’s President Sukarno;
  • SERVED as a link between unlikely people as Mafia kingpins, CIA agents and top figures in the U.S. government, including President Kennedy;
  • FELL in love with Attorney General Robert Kennedy and refused to let him go, even at the risk of death;
  • DIED after a mob hit team inserted a poisoned suppository into her anus while holding her down.

“She was a sadly driven woman,” says a source who knew her well.

“She readily traded her body for what she imagined was success and fame.

“It took her into the bedrooms of a U.S. president, into the shadowy world of the CIA and into the secretive wheelings and dealings of crime kings.

“All of them exploited Marilyn’s incredible beauty and sex appeal for their own dark purposes.”

They did this by pandering to her burning ambition to achieve stardom and her childlike desire to please.

That combination was perfect for manipulation. And Marilyn’s allure made her the prefect bait – as a courier and common currency for the exchange of favors and information between bandits and bigwigs.

Naïve and ambitious, she was a willing participant in the intrigue because through it she enjoyed the attentions of some of the world’s most important men.

The link that was to prove lethal for the blond beauty was first forged when she hit Hollywood as a nobody – but with a driving ambition for stardom and a body built to arouse passion in even the most powerful men.

One of those she bedded was elderly Hollywood producer Joe Schenck, who was already in his 70s, in turn, introducer her to Mafia kingpin Sam Giancana.

He had become the most powerful Godfather in America by the ‘60s.

And though his millions came from tainted sources such as drugs, illicit gambling and prostitution, he managed to finagle fragile friendships with powerful people, including the Kennedys, for who he did many favors.


“Sam felt Kennedy owed his election to him,” says a former associate. “I remember him boasting, ‘JFK wouldn’t be in the White House if it wasn’t for me,’”

That was probably true. Giancana’s Chicago mob rigged the vote to swing the crucial state of Illinois to Kennedy in the 1960 election.

In return, Giancana expected to be rewarded with a blind eye turned toward his criminal activities.

But instead, he became of victim of increasing harassment from the FBI and the president’s brother, Attorney General Bobby Kennedy.

And adding insult to injury, Bobby branded Sam “a guinea greaseball, dago scum.”

“Sam was enraged,” said our source. “He considered Bobby a noxious pipsqueak, but his real anger was directed at the president, whom he blamed for not keeping Robert Kennedy off his back.

Because of what Giancana considered betrayal by the Kennedys, he sent word to the CIA that he’d have his hit men assassinate JFK if the agency would orchestrate a cover-up that would point lawmen in a different direction.

In the meantime, Marilyn had begun a torrid affair with a CIA agent – he’d recruited her some years before in the agency’s attempt to find out more about her then lover, communist sympathizer President Sukarno.

Trough her new CIA love, she learned that top hardliners in the agency were deeply disillusioned with JFK, seeing him as going soft on communism in moving towards a treaty with the Soviets and drawing away from a crackdown on Castro in Cuba.

And one night after a steamy love session with her CIA lover, Marilyn -  in a drunken outburst – blurted out that she knew the agency had accepted Giancana’s offer to assassinate Kennedy. The agent informed his boss – and that, sadly, sealed her fate.

By June of 1962, her fantasy world was crumbling. Her film career was unraveling, and she was hopelessly in love with Bobby, whose only interested seemed to be in her body.

Marilyn’s increasingly severe emotional difficulties, coupled with her knowledge of the JFK death plot, became a threateningly dangerous combination for both the CIA and the Mafia.

“When she threatened to ‘blow the lid off the whole thing,’ the IA told Sam he must wait not longer” says the source.

“A week later she was dead.

“The world was told she committed suicide by taking an overdose of barbiturates,” says an insider. “But that wasn’t the case.”

In their sensational new bestseller Double Cross, authors Chuck and Sam Giancana with Bettina Giancana take up the story.

The killers, wearing rubber gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, entered Marilyn’s home before midnight on August 4, 1962.

She awoke to find a hand clamped over her mouth. She struggled at first, but she had earlier taken a sedative and was easily subdued.

The killers taped her mouth shut and inserted a poisoned suppository into her anus.

She was soon dead. They removed the tape and all traces of their presence and fled.

The suppository – containing a lethal doe of sedatives – proved to be a superb choice for them.

It was as fast-acting as an injection but with not needle mark for a pathologist to discover. And there was not telltale traces of any poison in her stomach.

Just as they had hoped, authorities ruled it a suicide and closed the case, even though the coroner could not explain blue bruising on the inside of the star’s rectum.

Marilyn had been murdered for knowing too much.

And just 16 months later, the final horrific scene in the massive intrigue was played out – John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated in Dallas.